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Facing a DOT Test Failure?

DOT testing holds great significance in the transportation industry, and non-compliance with or failure of a DOT test while employed under the Department of Transportation (DOT) can lead to serious consequences. In such cases, individuals must be immediately removed from safety-sensitive positions, in accordance with the regulations set by the United States Department of Transportation.

However, there remains a possibility for those in this position to reclaim their roles by undergoing an evaluation by an SAP(Substance Abuse Professional) and successfully completing any required education or treatment programs.

Once all the necessary steps are accomplished, the individual must undergo a return-to-duty DOT test, administered by their current or potential employer, with results indicating a negative outcome.


Locate an SAP Evaluation California

SAP Evaluation, LLC brings together Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) and Substance Abuse Experts (SAE) from various locations across the United States, covering all 50 states. Our extensive network of SAP providers is fully certified to conduct evaluations for DOT-mandated safety-sensitive employees. When you schedule an appointment with us, we'll find a suitable SAP in your vicinity. Additionally, to prioritize your safety and comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering remote and virtual evaluation options.

If you are an employer obligated to present a list of qualified DOT SAPs for employees who have undergone a failed or refused DOT test or any other violation, you've come to the right place. Likewise, if you are an employee who encountered difficulties or refusals during a DOT test, SAP Evaluations, LLC is your ultimate resource hub. We have a team of qualified SAPs ready to assist you throughout the DOT return-to-duty process, also known as the SAP process or program.

Return to Duty Process


Send SAP request

When a driver is found to have violated the DOT program and is restricted from carrying out safety-sensitive duties, the employer supplies the driver with a roster of DOT-qualified SAPs. The driver then chooses their preferred SAP from the provided list or through independent research.


SAP Designated

After a driver reaches out to a DOT-qualified SAP and expresses willingness to enroll in their program, their request is acknowledged, and the SAP is officially assigned to them. The designated SAP will provide the necessary support throughout the entire process.


Initial SAP Assessment Completed

The subsequent phase involves the driver scheduling a face-to-face clinical SAP Evaluation with their chosen SAP provider. After the assessment is concluded, the SAP will proceed to update and finalize the necessary documentation.


Driver Declared Eligible for RTD Test

Upon evaluation, your SAP will provide you with recommendations for any required treatment and education. To become eligible for RTD (Return to Duty) testing, it is essential to adhere to the prescribed treatment(s) and fulfill all educational requirements outlined by your SAP. This will enable you to obtain a Return to Duty Letter and qualify for the RTD test.


Obtaining Negative RTD Test Results

Afterward, your current or potential employer will schedule an RTD (Return to Duty) test for you. Once you obtain a negative result in the RTD test, you will no longer be restricted from carrying out safety-sensitive duties.


Conclusion of Follow-Up Testing Plan

Upon the driver's return to work, any employer employing them during the designated period will assume responsibility for fulfilling the testing plan devised by the SAP.



A DOT SAP Return to Work program facilitates individuals who have failed a DOT test in their journey back to safety-sensitive work roles while adhering to Department of Transportation regulations. This program centers around a DOT SAP Evaluation as a crucial component.
Individuals who have failed a DOT test are generally mandated to participate in a DOT SAP Return to Work program as a prerequisite for resuming safety-sensitive work duties.

The main aim of a DOT SAP evaluation is to evaluate an individual's substance abuse history, suggest appropriate treatment if needed, and offer guidance on reintegrating into safety-sensitive work while adhering to DOT regulations. This evaluation serves as a vital component in returning to work after experiencing a failed DOT test.

The time required for a DOT SAP evaluation can differ based on the individual's specific circumstances. Initiating the process as early as possible is crucial to minimize any potential delays in resuming work.

In a DOT SAP evaluation, the individual meets with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) who evaluates their substance abuse history, offers treatment recommendations if required, and assists in devising a plan for rejoining safety-sensitive work. Following the evaluation, the SAP will provide a detailed report containing recommendations for the individual's Return to Work program.


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Any CDL or safety-sensitive DOT position holder who tests positive on a DOT test or refuses to take a DOT test must enroll and complete the return-to-duty (RTD) process.


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You will begin by participating in a face-to-face clinical SAP evaluation by a DOT-qualified SAPs (Substance Abuse Professional).


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SAP Evaluation , LLC is powered by Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) and Substance Abuse Experts (SAE) in locations across the United States of America.


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At SAP Evaluations, LLC, we know how important your career is to you, and we can help get you back to work safely and promptly.

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